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Black Cereals Nutrition Powder Series

Product Introduction

This is a general name for a variety of nutrients contained in black foods, commonly known as "black nutrients." It has a positive health care meaning for the health of all ages.

Product Classification

1. Nutrition Powder For Student

Nourish the brain, enhance memory.

【Ingredients】Walnut, black sesame, black millet.

2. Nutrition Powder For Man

Improve sub-health, anti-fatigue.

【Ingredients】Grape seed oil, walnut, wolfberry, black sesame, black corn.

3. Nutrition Powder For Woman

Maintain beauty, nourishing hair and skin, anti-premature senility.

【Ingredients】Grape seed oil, wolfberry, black sesame, black soybean, black peanut.

4. Nutrition Powder For Middle-Aged And Elderly People

Anti-aging, protect vascular.

【Ingredients】Grape seed oil, wolfberry, mulberry, walnut, black sesame, black soybean, buckwheat tea

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