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Lianwang Tea

Place of origin Tai Hang Mountains

Stretching for thousand miles, Tai Hang Mountains cross Shanxi, Hebei, Henan and many provinces in China, which most of the altitudes are more than 1500 meters. It is natural boundary between Huabei plain and Shanxi plateau. The natural ecological vegetation in this area is extremely rich; the developable plant resources have more than 1,000 species. The wild forsythia is one of them.

Materials Wild Forsythia Leaves

The wild forsythia is a deciduous shrub, up to 3 meters tall. Most of the trees grow on the peak at altitude of 800~2000 meters.According to ancient records and civil survey, as a kind of tea, the forsythia leaves have function of relieving inflammation, detoxication, relaxing bowels, maintain beauty, anti-aging, getting rid of age spots, etc. The forsythia leaves contain forsythin, forsythia lignans, oleanolic acid, and a wealth of trace elements Mg, Zn, Se, etc. Modern medical studies confirm that forsythia leaves can reduce blood lipid, increasing SOD activity, free radical scavenging, antioxidant, which have a significant effect on anti-aging, anti-fatigue, protecting the liver, regulating immunity, etc.

Lianwang tea is made by wild forsythia leaves, and refined by traditional crafts. It has two categories, Qingming tea and summer tea. Qingming tea is more precious, which is produced by 2~3 slices of shoots growing during Qing Ming Festival. The leaves exposed the essence, soft and green, which can be called as the treasure of forsythia tea.

1.Avoid tobacco, alcohol and spicy, cold, greasy food.'s not wise to require nutrient Chinese drugs whereas taking the medication.
3.people who have cold and cold don't seem to be appropriate.
4.Patients with cardiovascular disease and cardiovascular disease ought to be used with caution. Patients with severe chronic diseases like disease, diabetes, and nephropathy ought to be taken below the steering of a Dr..
5.Children, pregnant ladies, wet ladies, frail aged and spleen deficiency ought to be taken below the steering of a Dr..
6.Patients with fever higher than thirty eight.5 °C ought to head to the hospital.
7.Strictly consistent with usage and dose, this product mustn't be taken for a protracted time.
8.If the symptoms don't seem to be eased when taking the drug for three days, you ought to head to the hospital for treatment.
9.For people who ar allergic to the current product, those with allergies ought to be used with caution.'s impermissible to use once the attribute of this product changes.
11.youngsters should be below the superintendence of associate degree adult.
12.Keep this product out of the reach of kids.
13.If you're victimization alternative medicines, please consult your Dr. or druggist before victimization this product.
14.Athletes use with caution.
15.when gap the moisture-proof bag, please concentrate to wet.

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