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Herbal Solid Instant Beverage Series

  • Ginger Solid Beverage
    Herbal essence, natural, warm stomach.
  • Ginseng Solid Beverage
    Ginseng essence, nourish Qi and blood.
  • Chang Wei Solid Beverage
    Herbal essence, natural, nourish stomach.
  • Collagen Solid Beverage
    Premium collagen, maintain beauty.
  • Jujube & Corii Colla Solid Beverage
  • Tang Ping Solid Beverage
  • Chang Xin Solid Beverage
  • Probiotic Solid Beverage-Oats Flavor
  • Probiotic Solid Beverage- Strawberry Flavor
  • Probiotic Solid Beverage-Coffee Flavor
Xian Le Compound Dietary Fiber Solid Instant Beverage
Dietary fiber, aperient and detoxified,
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